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PoetrynProseWatchers is a group in which you - yes, you, the members, submit your :+fav: prose and poetry deviations from people you watch or your friends, which you've been emotionally or literally attached to.

The core team, at present is:


But this team will grow eventually.

Prose and Poetry submissions for this group (from your friends and watchers) will be given their due consideration here. But is there a catch?

  1. A feature is guaranteed either once per month - or two, if we can manage.
  2. If as a member you submit your own work, it will be immediately rejected.
  3. Any form of rude behaviour, trolling, or inflammatory language, will result in the immediate expulsion of the member.

Contact either me (shehrozeameen) or Pauper-Circumstance with your complaints.

We hope to hear more from you. If you have anything you'd like to share (concerns, or any ideas) send a :note: to the group. Cheers. :)
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Hey everybody! :wave:

Some of you folks have already heard about the contest, "A Writer's Arsenal". Well, I thought I'd let you know the following:

monni18 , Aerode , World-Inside-Me , MagicalJoey , Emily-Byrd , and katamaris4ever 

Just wanted you to know I sent you the points for the contest. Let me know whenever possible that you received them.

And well, onto the second most important part of this presentation: a feature of the works on behalf of me, TheCritiquables and PoetrynProseWatchers 

So, let's start.


I really liked this poem. Although long, I do admit that it kept my attention and it didn't feel forced in the narration it used. It had the "once upon a time" opening, but I found that as a strong point of this poem, especially when I took into consideration the character development which was done in the course of this poem. The characters of The Princess and The Mermaid was definitely something which would remind you of The Little Mermaid (both the Hans Christian Anderson story as well as the Disney movie of the same name), but the twist is in the ending, as well as how there is a lesson which is learnt from the poem's approach: of friendship. Personally, I think that the best portion which defines how much I enjoyed this poem, was this one:

The princess stayed there quietly,
Not wanting to intrude.
To startle her with questions 
Would be nothing short of rude.
The ocean kept its distance too,
By drawing back its tide.
But suddenly, the mermaid hushed,
Her watery eyes were wide.

Not watery in simple tears,
But watery in hues -
The deepest, richest underseas
Shone out in vibrant blues.
So stunning was her fixed gaze,
Unblinking as the sun.
Though almost frightened by her stare,
The princess would not run.

"Hello…” she said at length,
To this wondrous form.
Her heart was quickly beating.
Her cheeks were growing warm.
The deep eyes never faltered.
The mermaid made no sound.
The princess shuffled foot to foot
And looked down at the ground.

Slowly and unsurely,
Forward Meara stepped
To the hollow in the sand
Where this being wept.
"Hello." returned the mermaid,
At last giving reply.
They both remained in wonder;
The sea had met the sky.
It speaks for itself in my opinion.

Now... this poem. I'm having a hard time to admit that the sonnet came second in my poetry prizes, but I believe that, all things considered, this did come a close second. And rightfully so: The conflict between the astute pen and the vigilant sword is a concept which definitely works right. As a sonnet, it definitely was a contender based on

  1. The way it balanced its syllables and rhyme scheme
  2. The depth of its theme
  3. The brevity of its approach
As a sonnet, it was open to suggestion and it did bring its argument to the audience in an arbitrary, unbiased, and refined tone.

This required me to read a few more times, to be honest. It didn't deviate from the core themes that it had started to work on, and on that note, it even managed to bring some aspects of character development too. The use of the structure in this poem worked in its favour, and are noteworthy in their own right. With that said, it had a stronger ending, than a beginning, while the middle portion kept my attention but couldn't live up to the depth of the ending.

And that in itself is
worth contemplation
since somehow we both have 
a place in creation…

ComfortNo matter the pain, those feelings will pass
The struggles endured today
The present of peace will one day be cast
The torment breaks your soul too fast
And thrashes your heart as you lay
No matter the pain, those feelings will pass
The taunting of strangers, with words so crass
The lethal thoughts begging to stay
The present of peace will one day be cast
Anxiety reaches critical mass
Crying for justice, for thieves to pay
No matter the pain, those feelings will pass
Fragile plans shattered by glass
And jeering horses start to bray
The present of peace will one day be cast
One day I hope you find a hope that will last
And keep the brokenhearted believers at bay
No matter the pain, those feelings will pass
The present of peace will one day be cast

Personally, I found this poem to be mediocre. I appreciate the sentiment, and the concept is something which I write about often. It was, nevertheless, the delivery and there being no links to comments linked in the entry which made it fall short. Has the potential to be better, but it does deserve a mention nevertheless.


It was short, it was bitter, and it had an ending which was expected, and yet was not expected at the same time - partly because of how the descriptions in their conciseness do portray how "depression" feels. It was passionate, it kept my attention, and it was able to hold onto that core theme it had chosen to write about. All in all, it was sad, and it held my attention from when it started till its ending. A small portion which helps explain what is inside this little nugget of a winner:

And as the sun breaks the horizon with amber rays, she drags her husk of a body over to the mirror, where this small and damaged girl eyes her own reflection. Her straw -like hair is unkempt and tangled, her arms bruised and covered with scratches. Long, red marks are visible from the length of her elbows to her wrists, her nails having etched into her skin in desperation. With hands clasped together, she prays to the angels to protect her, to help everything become alright. People have heard her pleas as she strains through clenched teeth to get messages to heaven, each note returning unanswered. 

This story is about young love. That is all that can be said about it. What else can I say about it? It had a good setting, and from time to time, the characters - who I thought were constructs, by the way - had their moments when they were able to sustain my attention and kept the story going. In fact, the story - which was cleverly thought out - was of the characters rather than a predefined set of events. The dating system in this story was a bit gnashing to my eyes, I'll admit, but the character's interactions were some of the finest I have come across in a long while.

The fireworks are bursting in the background as we lay against the ground enjoying the new year. Your therapist has recommended you leave me because she says, "I distract you from your real goal."
You don't want to but you also want the approval of your therapist. I want what's best for you. 
"Don't leave me, Gabriel."
I turn my head to you and you follow suit. 
"You don't leave me first."
At that, you smile and scoot closer to me. We still haven't made physical contact yet but we haven't done that in days. Your attacks have been more frequent and relentless. So I just sit with you while you figure it all out in your head. 

All by all, a good job :thumbup:

I adored the concept of this prose piece. From its opening, till its end, it kept me captivated - the description was well thought out, and I feel sad - suffice to say - that it had a second part to it. :( It leaves with a cliffhanger ending, even though as a short story in itself I found it profoundly entertaining and rather fun. :thumbsup: It's a nice read to be honest, and this portion was the best one in my opinion:

"Maybe he was like, a janitor or something. Not important," I suggest halfheartedly. But he was much more. He never got to come home to his curious child and sweet, adoring wife. Work consumed him and became his soulmate instead. Ever since, my mother has been working to make ends meet, and only requested a vacation to see the grand opening of this work of art. I've been wanting to help out, but she makes a fuss about it and tells me to stay home and wait for her after she finishes working.
"Yes. Maybe." she answers absentmindedly. Blake and I see that her mind has floated elsewhere, and begin chatting about WorldFall instead.
"I just beat the story mode yesterday. Emotional ending, y'know," I say.
"Mm. Wait until you get to one of the extra chapters. It's a feel trip."
"Oh, great."
An hour passes. I stare and find myself lost in the rolling green pastures, peppered with a selection of multicolored flowers. It looks a bit like Christmas lights. As we approach the Aerodome, the emerald is slowly replaced by glossy silver and gray. Light is scared away by the sudden presence of shadow. I look up. The dome takes up the entire sky now, blotting out the last few waves of sunlight. It appears as a giant in the air, an amalgam of technical prowess and metal. A juggernaut of metal. I see now the intricate linings of gray snaking across the behemoth. And yet, there are no stilts, no pillars to support it. It's truly magical.
"Wow," is all I can say. Blake and my mother nod in agreement, their faces dim under the earth.
"Hello!" A jovial middle-aged man approaches us. He's well-dressed in a three-piece suit, auburn hair slicked back. Blake and I instinctively walk behind my mother. It must look pathetic: two tall teenagers attempting to hide behind a dwarf of an unfazed woman. The man pays us no heed, and instead asks my mother for our passes. She produces them, and he nods emphatically and leads us toward the elevator, where a long line twists around the expanse of murky ground.
"Isn't this exciting?" my mother giggles, giddy.
"In just --" she looks at her watch, "-- in just two hours, we'll be in that elevator and up in the heavens! I hope there aren't too many birds up there. It'll get in the way of my pictures."
As she fumbles with her camera, Blake can't suppress a smirk and points at her. They've always thought my mother was hilarious.
It's a nice read, to be honest. Worth every minute I read it, anyway. Has the potential to improve, but all in all, a job well done.

This is definitely the hardest read I have ever had on dA, and believe me, I've had aplenty of them. It was also, in my opinion, those handful few works which I couldn't read in full and was forced into simply... letting go, in terms of not being able to write a comment on it. A sad moment, yes, but I suppose we all have those sad moments whenever they pop up. :shrug: With that said, I definitely recommend reading this based on its imagery. Its awesome, jaw-dropping, haunting imagery:

You can be scared of the thing, of naming it in case it became real, like she was, and you could be scared in the thing. Depression and fear go hand in hand, she learned at that young age, because even though she did not know what depression was, she could be afraid of being different – for depression makes you different. Little things at first, not being able to sleep giving you dark bruises under your eyes and leaving you floating on cotton wool brain cells for the day, until you crash in the afternoon but then can’t sleep at night. Knowing people were not going to like you is another gift depression gives you. You can see into a person’s mind and know that they are not going to ‘be your friend’ as one thinks at that age. Therefore, she went through pre-school without any friends but the girl with bracers on her legs – because even though a mental disability and a physical disability cannot be compared or comprehended at that age, somehow children know instinctively that they are linked. 
One of the paragraphs in this work. It speaks for itself, in my honest opinion. Haunting, passionate, and sincere. :thumbsup:

So yeah... that's my feature for these lovely contestants. All I need to do now is give four critiques to the first and second prize winners of poetry and prose, and do an interview for the first prize holders.

And that goes to you two Emily-Byrd and World-Inside-Me .

Till then, give these works some love :dummy:
More Journal Entries


Three Hearts Eclipsed
Three Hearts Eclipsed
– a love triangle ballad –

I met him some years ago,
his sea eyes sung my heart;
my skin was soft, his eyes aglow –
we couldn't bear to be apart.
The golden light of new love,
the beauty of the stars,
surrounded us – below, above –
our hearts as red as Mars.
But then he spoke of another,
her eyes – blue as sapphire;
a first love, his former lover,
the water to our fire…
Three years they'd danced in dreams
and then it fell apart.
Three years then had passed between
till my love warmed his heart.
True to me he thought to be,
he loved me well, and so did tell:
only she, a friend would be…
And thus his loyalty did sell.
Hemispheres divided us –
I knew of her and she of me…
But we could not predict the gusts
of his summer-winter breeze.
Many holidays he made,
far away and overseas...
And for our love I always prayed
that he would keep the keys.
Weeks and months and years flew past,
seasons bl
:iconswanhyld:Swanhyld 8 41
-She Loved Me-
Blades sway like waves
The winds swirl like the ghosts of stallions at play
For miles around not but one tree
It must be so lonely being so free
On a single branch hangs a single cage
This golden cage holds a bird of prey
As he sleeps he holds his dreams tight
He dreams of his soul, he dreams of flight
Suddenly the hawk awakens in a wild rage
He hears his fathers echo, "no son of mine shall be shackle by a cage"
Thrashing and bashing his heart burns for the sky
Driven to be free, to be confined is to die
As the cage shakes and sways
Gold bars begin to fall to the blades
As sudden as his rage he now falls free
Unable to fly with bloody and broken wings
On the grownd he thrashes and screams, releasing what's left of his rage
Seems tantrums can fall upon even a bird of prey
As he lays catching his breath, he closes his eyes and feels his heart beat
He seems to have dodged death, he seems to be free
Looking up to the canopy he's caught by the sun rays
It reminds him of his mother, it remin
:iconhappinessisearned:happinessisearned 1 2
Don't Read
Don't read my Haiku
You will be disappointed
There is nothing said.
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 3 11
Head bowed between
         rounded breaths
                         I’ve let you down again.
In these moments I swallow you
               tumbling past a spewing heart into
               shuffling insecurities
               and truly
    people can be so disappointing.
You thread lingering sighs through my spine
       not proud
       but hoping that someday
              you will be.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 11 12
It’s blue
As the ocean blue.
It comes in waves,
Bringing in an intensity that sometimes stuns you
And then it pulls out something deep past the shore—
Something you’ve been trying to keep collected.
It keeps you attached to its chameleoning form—
Mesmerizing you as it repeatedly becomes lighter and distant,
Like a sky blue,
And then deep and heavy,
Like navy...
Like a soul being crushed.
:iconafrochica94:AfroChica94 4 2
  I am a scarp.
  Just a filament.
        Other times
  a mere crater
  between the two.

© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
:iconkay-march:Kay-March 18 33
Lightweight Strangers
i hear him in the falling rain
always in my head -
tell me what those tears know;
these lightweight strangers,
please, stay,
i knew i loved you
when you found me,
but oh, how can i rule the world
when i always see the child
in your eyes,
here we go again,
won't someone save me
from this dream within.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 19 14
The Illegality of Universal Abnormality
Settle into comfort and the supervision around my neck
The reason being that I am perceived to be a predominantly nervous wreck
Draw the intimate ire for guiding enforced protection to the pyre
My release is illegal and suspends me weightlessly above the mire
So I fan the fire
And the flames to take me closer to the timid and riotous dames
It is the key to substituting ego for character
Insisting on truth from a fatigued liar
And thus cracks the lock to confront vestal intuition and shake the conformist limitation of the brain
Drop for rebirth
Sleep for temporary prevalent configuration
Alignment in the commonplace social standing
Three adequate meals and chronic masturbation
Do you feel the occupation of suffocation?
An endorphin rush burns at pace
Without healing the indifference
So why run the gauntlet? Why fall behind the race
Avenues unexplored just crying out for nature's bittersweet taste
Advantages to the other way can and will be replaced
I am on the cusp of touching a semblan
:icondaveydrayton:DaveyDrayton 3 0
Building Blocks
In early days of rough-and-tumble play,
We built the blocks by baking mother Earth
For building blocks which we would then display
In pageantry of pride and wealth and worth.
We spent the fertile ground performing jest
As fellow men would stare and waste away,
For neither party, whether worst or best,
Concedes a part of bitter pride halfway.
And while the resource goes from needs to toys,
So does compassion wilt through its disuse,
Decay to soil, offer misplaced joys
Which cycle once again to some misuse.
We took our passion, put passion to war,
And stack blocks taller, up and up afar.
The high and low, the righteous folk, the cursed,
Then tore asunder pieces once as one,
In child’s play assigned a futile thirst,
In building blocks of men once common son.
My clan, my nation owns its rightful world!
Or that is how the tribal Zeitgeist flows,
Division now a mission here unfurled
Against the self in mighty, spiteful blows.
And when the battle starts, God neither sorts
:iconthunderturtle:ThunderTurtle 4 5
We Are The Shadowcasters
 We live by day, we dream by night
 And the dawn comes...Both exist
 In a balanced life, bringing dreams
 Into the light, and emulating darkness
 Forever the wheel turns, and the havens show
 Their splendor to those who would
 Brave the dark
We live by day, crossing through shadows 
Dreaming by night, under cover of stars 
And when the dawn comes, 
Color is the balance that brings 
Our dreams to the light 
And our lives to the dark 
The wheel spins for eternity 
It's message an emblem 
Burned in our minds 
That only those 
With the bravery of fire 
Could ever face the dark 
 Shadow casters bring the fire
 And stand with their backs to the light 
 Holding a candle's flame
 To guide the lost home
 We stand, arms outstretched into the night
 Taking all that comes, both dark and light
 For we know that the sun is at o
:iconmelodyofamemory:MelodyofaMemory 3 39
Dreams made of Steel
A ticket for
                          every wound
cures all
                        even the absurd
                           and catching

   each dream
amongst the clouds
:iconvivyi:Vivyi 5 5
Mental Disorder Diner
Why hello there miss.
Welcome to battered and scarred restaurant,
where disorders are over cooked, raw or however you like it.
Would you like to start with our appet…. I mean anxiety disorders?
I'll start off simple with panic disorder,
while being a simple dish, it has a bad after taste of fear.
You can taste the fear from here.
Next up we have our social anxiety disorder,
This disorder is on back order and
too scared to show up to the meal sometimes.
It does however come with a side of sweat
No, not your style?
PTSD is our special appetizer of the day,
because it only trusts on some days
and comes with flashbacks on the side.
Next we're on to our specials, considered the hardest disorders.
First is bi polarity, which will take you through a number of sensations.
from sad blue to normal grey to euphoric high yellow,
Schizophrenia is a unpopular one of many,
the hallucinations are controlling and over cooked.
A bit too difficult to chew?
Our main courses are eating disorders.
:iconpuddlethecat:puddlethecat 117 57
~ Love? ~
[A Poetry Original by FreerisenCreations]
Life's Mysteries
Love, had you been staring at me all this time?
Though we had gone our own ways, why do I miss you?
Was this all a test to see how I react to my crimes?
When in all honesty, I never did anything for it all be through.
Had fate taken your place for me to finally grasp the truth
For you to finally be closer to me then fate had ordered?
Through our friendship, I can fell the warmth of our youth
Awaiting for a maturity between us to finally be completed.
Love, was it you I had never accepted this whole time?
:iconfreerisencreations:FreerisenCreations 0 0


The lovely groups that are always willing to invest the time and trouble in the name of literature!










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